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. But bond has given the bread more of a modern twist, serving it with a cream cheese and skor chocolate. Bannock people, a native american people of what is now southeastern oregon and western idaho.

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The variety of northern paiute spoken by the bannock. Blackberry bran bannock in pie pans. Today it may also be baked in an oven.

Template:infobox prepared food bannock is a variety of flat quick bread or any large, round article baked or cooked from grain.

A bannock is usually cut into sections before serving. Order our signature bannock tourtière (sold frozen and ready to cook at home) through the links in their bios. Information about the bannock indians for students and teachers. Bannock bread originated in scotland and is a flat, often unleavened bread, sometimes described bannock is most commonly made of oats, as in this recipe, but can also be made with flour, barley.