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. The quickest way to a person's heart is with homemade bread. Cuban bread is a fairly simple white bread, similar to french bread and italian bread, but has a slightly different baking method and ingredient list (in particular, it generally includes a small amount of fat in the form of lard or vegetable shortening);

Pan Cubano Cuban Bread Recipe
Pan Cubano Cuban Bread Recipe from

One of the wonderful stuffed breads from #breadbakers this month, cuban sandwich stuffed cuban bread has the sandwich fillings baked inside. Cuban bread | pan cubano. The only bread i've found that comes even a little close to cuban bread are portuguese water rolls.

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Depending on the recipe, taste and consistency will slightly vary. Homemade cuban bread, or pan cubano, is perfect for cuban sandwiches or just eating plain with butter. The cuban sandwich, better known as a cubano, begins with soft, slightly sweet cuban bread. The incredible flavor of this soft, doughy bread is unreal.