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. It is the strongest among all the yeasts and requires a smaller amount compared to the the other yeasts in the proportion of 100:40:33. To use in place of instant yeast, activate according to package directions, using a portion of milk or water from the recipe rather than additional liquids.

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Active dry versus instant yeast. Have you ever noticed how sweet breads will sometimes not rise like you'd hoped? The pressed yeast is extruded into a thin strip or a small sphere, and is continuously dried by a circulating bed of low.

Low sugar instant dry yeast:

Stuck deciding between fresh yeast and instant? Instant active dry yeast is a dry yeast product which is maintained by a specially cultured fresh yeast by being pressed, dried and dehydrated to maintain a strong fermentation ability. Instant yeast is more finely grained than active dry yeast, so that it will rehydrate faster, giving you rising times up to 50% faster. Instant yeast is a dry yeast that comes in smaller granules than active dry yeast, absorbs liquid rapidly, and does not need to be rehydrated or proofed before being mixed into flour.