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. It's great on a spinach and strawberry salad, makes a fun spin in a coleslaw. Fast & easy to make.

Poppy Seed Gourmet Dressing
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A poppy seed dressing recipe that is ready in 5 minutes and turns out perfectly creamy and not overly sweet! Lemon poppy seed dressing is the perfect way to add a sweet and tangy punch with a little crunch to your salads! ยท poppy seed dressing has a balance of sweet and tangy that i find completely irresistible.

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It's fantastic on green salad, fruit salad (brianna's especially recommends it for peaches), and even as a standalone cole slaw. Creamy and sweet poppy seed dressing made with only 5 simple ingredients. I made a simple salad of butter lettuce and thinly. Chopped green onion (include green part).